Sylvie madness has become a disaster

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Many people have become very interested in taking Sylvie's Photo

Many people became addicts to pick up the Sylvie
They even take Photoes while they eat, while they are tired and during their work
But the Sylive frenzy was the cause of many deaths
Many people are racing to take Sylvie Photoes from above the skyscrapers
To get a lot of fans on different sites
However, there are many stories of people who died while taking Photoes
Sylvie became a major disaster

1 - Sylvie on the highlands

A 17-year-old Russian girl
She wanted to take a Sylvie picture from a very high place
Where she tried to take a photo of her from the top of the 28-foot bridge
But during picked up Sylvie, she slid down and fell from the top of the bridge to die

2 - Sylvie motorcycle

The Indian singer tried to take a Photo of him while driving his motorcycle
After taking the photo he lost control of his bike and died instantly

3 - the Sylvie who killed his friend

This Sylvie is the strangest cases of Sylvie
Where a young man tried to take a Photo of Sylvie for himself with a gun in his head
Unfortunately, he shot and killed himself

4-Sylvie happiness

One of the girls picked up Sylvie's Photo and wrote that she was happy while driving her car
But minutes later her car collided with his truck and died immediately

5 - Sylvie couple

There was a couple trying to take a sylvie Photo for themselves on the edge of a mountain in Portugal
Unfortunately, they slipped forward and died

6 - Sylvie train

A girl tried to pick her up Sylvie's Photo on the train
But during she pick up the Photo, she touch a power cord and died

7 - Sylvie inside the crocodile's mouth

A young man tried to take a Photo inside the crocodile's mouth
So he put his head into the crocodile's mouth, but the crocodile closed his mouth
To separate the young man's head from his body
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