SteemFund wants a Busy Donor Badge!

6 months ago
57 in busy

The idea of @steemfund is to crowdfund worthy projects on steemit and there is nothing more worthy around steemit than, this is why I have decided to contribute towards the development of this great platform.

According to last post we could be eligible for a donor badge, which one?, well I will let our supporters decide.

Everything obtained from this post will be donated to, we will also add the 22 steem previously donated by our sponsor @theprophet0.

You can also send SBD tips to contribute to the cause.

Let’s go and get that badge!!

SteemFund Sponsors & Partners:


@steemfund was created and is currently being promoted by witness @chitty, if you want to support the project you can also vote for him here: or using the CLI wallet: vote_for_witness YOURACCOUNT chitty true true

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  ·  6 months ago

Another great idea, in fact, as the STEEMIT as a whole!

  ·  6 months ago

voted this up with my 100% power

  ·  6 months ago

Thank you @kingscrown