Not get anything without a laugh and joke

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Mebayogi sent food for Gokul. How did he get the news that Gokul is fasting all day long? He is very late to return home, he has cleared away, he has been cleansing and eating out. That means, it's almost a day of hunger. Sometimes he wanted to be more lonely, he said, let's walk up to Esplanade, that means I did not fully understand. That means, Gokul does not have a full drum.

However, this Gokul, sometimes lying on the side of the Nupenas, unknowingly put money in his chest pocket when it is understood that the lack of nopen is almost unimaginable.

But when you talk to Gokul, you will not get anything without a laugh and joke. When he used to compose poems of East Bengal, he used to say:
Padma-piara raiyatsa hand in hand
Turning back to the face of the rice, the rice is turned into rice.
Do not forget to eat rice Bhana, the house of Bhanga
Sankiri rice is another pyro search for vaira.
Tantric girastag
On the ground, the soil was buried and buried in the chest.
If you get hit in the mail book,
One way is going to bring Vaiga wife to water.


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