How many of us, leave anything for them

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We will win the silly battle of this truth on the verge of life of the green house of the green leaf house. The blue-sky-colored blue-leafy parties, taking shelter in the green leaf house, will take refuge. If you look at the great longevity of the road, it will be seen from the edge of the Bengal region.

Do not know how far it will be. If not!

Oh, save those who are coming. The poor people do not know anything, buying the white money and buying the faith is only leakage and rotten! They will cry then. Oh, if any of them is that they will collapse, curse the earth? No, no, we can not leave anything for them, how many of us?

Politics do not understand, do not believe in religion, society does not know - if the minds of the people are white-only, then the absolute

You're talking a lot in the ears and ears. Why a whip for the mind Do not whip that way, then it will get worse. Occasionally it will only sound like a sopang-sapang - where all that will be seen in the house of mind is present. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, they will not be afraid.


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