How can you say your own words

in #busy5 years ago

I would like to promise, I will write it. There was the courage to vouch for such an intelligent person.

He would say, in such a way that there is no other second writer in front of you. Nobody stopped your way. You are alone in the writer's life, you are fancy.

Nobody else is sitting in front of me? I was startled.



Not even Rabindranath! You are the only traveler in your path. He is your only way. All the groups that you build here are all alone.

It was a bomb blast. Took a blessing in the words.

He said again: You always play, it's not always good, that's what I say to play is also play. This is about Bharatchandra wrote. Want the power of the mighty God, the eternal If you always think that Rabindranath is in front of you, how can you say your own words? But only Rabindranath's shadow shine. You think your path is free, your mind is free, your writing is your own obedience.


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