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Hello everyone!
It's been over a year since the last time I logged in on my Steemit account. During that year many things happened in my life and it's safe to assume in yours too. It has been so long that I don't even remember the ¨Rules of the game¨ Also, I'm pretty sure many things changed in the platform. I don't remember how to format text and I have no clue what the Steem price is right now, haha!

The first thing I notice logging back in is that I still have a little over 900 followers. But, I wonder, how many of them are still active? Let's not just talk about followers, let's also talk about friends. During the time I was active I got to meet a lot of very interesting and super talented people Musicians, writers, photographers, artists. Whatever happened to them? Are they still here or they also abandoned the ship just like I did?.

@anomadsoul , @donatello , @ausxen, @Raci, @Aidarojaswritter , @Luzcypher, @Krystle, @Coruscate , @Dreamrafa, @pechichemena , @lyon89 The people involved with the @Cervantes project and a bunch of other amazing people I met. Are you all still here? I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart that your lives are all wonderful and that you are still uploading content on Steemit. That way I can start catching up with your work and lives over this past year that I was absent.

I have only kept in touch with a friend that actually lives here in Costa Rica. I actually got to meet in person. @raserrano has always looked after me and talks to me every once in a while. He is an excellent friend, as well as I¿m sure he is a wonderful new daddy to his new baby. Dude, after all of your insisting, I'm finally back! I'm really unsure of how much content I'll be posting or if it's going to be as often as I used to, back in the day. But, I'm here at last.

It's been so long and SO many things have changed, in your lives and mine. And on Steemit, I'm sure!.
I think maybe I should reintroduce myself. Lol!

Well, I think this post is already too long. Maybe I should just do a little briefing of what happened in my life this past year.

On October first, 2018 I quit the job that I had been doing for 4 years at this really fancy 5 stars hotel, here in the town that I live in. This was actually the job that I had worked on the longest in my entire life. I'm not really sure if I ever shared anything about it with you guys before, but the last year I spent working there was the toughest time I ever had. Because things weren't so easy anymore, and in order to keep my mental health, I had to slow down a little. Quitting that job was the first step to do so.


I took a little break and in December I decided to go on a little adventure called entrepreneurship.

I founded my little VR company, called Dreamland Virtual Reality.

You guys are welcome to follow me on instagram @Dreamland.Vr.


It's been almost a year since I started my business. I can't even tell you how happy I am because of it. My business is doing really good, thank God! It literally changed my life!

Another huge thing that happened ( pretty much at the same time I started my own business) is I met this really wonderful guy and fell madly in love with him. We have lived some really incredible moments together.


I also did a little bit of traveling and learned a lot of stuff. But in general terms, these are some of the most relevant things that happened.

Hopefully, I will be back soon enough, to tell you a little bit more about all the stuff that's been going on. Life is so damn unpredictable that we never know!

If you didn't know about me, now you know, and it has been an honor to have you reading my blog! If you know who I am, thanks a lot for coming back!

I wish you many cool adventures, just like the ones I've had.



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