Venezuela and its natural resources - reserve of oil - part 1

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The Black Gold


Venezuela is one of the South American better known for its oil reserves, by the year 2015 had a reserve of 300.878 million barrels of oil, because that was awarded at the end of the year 2010 an increase of its reserves when the Organization's Countries of petroleum exporting (OPEC) formalised the work of certification of oil reserves which makes the Ministry of petroleum and mining by placing a reserve of crude oil heavy and Extrapesado in the Strip oil from the Orinoco 270.976 millions of barrels) MMBls) in an area of 70,000 Km2.

By this way according to the comparative study published on 16 November 2015 by Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW), PDVSA State oil company in Venezuela who occupies the fifth position among the largest companies in the oil business.The study is based on the combination of operational criteria that includes reserves, production, refining and sales.

The discovery of the Orinoco Belt and the inclusion of oil exploitation in the area has increased petroleum of Venezuela interest since in addition to the fields of light crude oil that is in the West of the country, they added large deposits of heavy and extra-heavy crude oil that had previously been classified as bitumen in the so-called Orinoco Belt, similar to the site of in Canada Athabasca tar sands.Extra-heavy of the Orinoco Belt, even though less petroleum viscous than the Athabasca which means that it can be extracted by more conventional means, is however buried deeper meaning that it can not be extracted by mining surface, as it is the case with the Canadian.Estimates of recoverable reserves in the Orinoco Belt between 100,000 and 270,000 million barrels.In 2009, the USGS updated this figure 513.000 million barrels.

Oil reserves to those enabling extraction profitable with current technology, taking into account the price of oil are considered.These estimates are made from geological analysis and engineering, so the fixed amounts enjoy a high degree of confidence.

This is the list of countries according to their proven reserves of crude oil:

The first 15 countries with greater reserves statistics on 2013.


Source: CIA World Factbook, estimaciones 2013.
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The oil reserves in Venezuela are the largest proven reserves in the world. As you can see in the table above Venezuela is as a leader in the ranking of countries with the largest reserves of oil in the world, an interesting fact for lovers of black gold and all Venezuelans who we are proud to have this resource precious natural.

That's all for now, I want to show all the Steemians value of our country and all the natural resources that we have even though we have many things that change the Venezuelans to achieve becoming a power in South America with the amount of resources that We have.

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