The monument to trade workers

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Hi, friends. From time to time I will acquaint you with interesting places of my city Novosibirsk. I hope you will be interested. Today I will tell you about the monument to trade workers.

The trade workers monument was erected near the Central market in 2011. This was done on the 118th anniversary of Novosibirsk. The author of the monument Eduard Dobrovolsky. The woman-seller offers the man her goods: seeds and flowers, at this time, the dog steals sausage from the bag men. The monument was kind and funny. He always attracts attention. People often stop by to take photos. So I decided to make a photo with my child. In Russia there are no markets with monuments to trade workers.

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Happy anniversary your city Novosibirsk. Your city photo's speak the lots of stories.

This year we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the city

Sound's great........

Nice street monument)))