Craft in kindergarten

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A few days ago my child had a graduation in kindergarten. The teachers asked to make crafts on the topic of farewell to the kindergarten. We're a big part of DIY is usually missed due to illness or just do not have imagination. This time we decided that the last piece should be done. We decided to make a first-grader brownie.

All materials found at home, this time not a penny spent. This will require:

piece of burlap
hollowfiber for filling
tube from bottle
small bows
knitting threads
something with school paraphernalia.

When I started to do domovenka, I still did not know what to decorate it, what to make legs. All the ideas came along.
So, I cut off a square from the burlap, the size of about 25x25. I found some round thing in the kid's toys and wrapped it around our square.

On the drawn circle we lay a line with large stitches

Then gently begin to pull the edge, put hollofayber inside (this was the child). There is no need for a lot of filler, just to have a form

Gently tighten the top. Top for reliability, I even wrapped a few times wool.

The eyes found the house, bought them some toys. The nose is made on the same principle as the toy itself: flashed a small circle, added a bit of padding, pulled. All the glue to melt.

The bows I had were ready, made from before. They are made easily: you need to take a ribbon, mark the middle and wrap the edges to the middle, sew and pull.

Legs wanted to do from a slice of a thick branch, but the house was not jigsaw. Found a wine cork, cut it in half. It turned out quite stable legs.

I didn't know what to do hands. Any suitable wire or laces are not found. Then took a brown thread, folded in 4 layers, tied with a hook on top. Tried on to the house, to determine the length.

In order to add the school paraphernalia, make a miniature notebook. First cut off a piece of white paper and folded in half, then cut off the same sheet from the cover of the notebook. She wrote in block letters that it was a notebook.

Yet the house found a button-pencil. I thought it would fit our craft. Pencil and notebook are also sticking the gun.

Here's a first-grader we turned out

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