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RE: What's Your Favorite Climate Change Study?

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serious climate change studies are those studies written by climate science scientists about climate change.
97% of the studies that check those boxes find that there is human caused climate change.
everything else is crap.
here you can find a list of that crap with the explanation why it is crap:

and Greta knows probably more than 99% of all those people who are giving their 5 cents on TV or on social networks...
so my 5 cents: people should stop bullying her for trying to save our world.

and here is a nice little story about why and how we fucked up:

have a great day


You too. lol, did you test her and the others on that 99% thing you said. That doesn't seem very scientific at all.

what are you talking about?
I actually read und study those studies, books and IPCC reports for more than a decade now.. so probably I know a bit about what's written in there..
but I never would say I can contribute something from a science standpoint.. I leave that to the scientists..
and Greta just voices what the climate scientists are actually demanding.
Check it.. you are clever and have internet access...
having not done that and still attacking Greta like that doesn't look good in my eyes...

Oh, I've read the propaganda on both sides.

I also survived the Ozone Layer Scare which was caused by my hairspray.

I don't think it looks good to bring a child to a political event and have her scream and glare. Nor is it compelling.

sorry.. I really do not know what I should reply to that..

I beg you to read at the two links I posted or at least whats written on wikipedia.. also about the Ozon whole...

Don't waste your time... Anti-climate change is the same as flat-earthers and anti vaxxer.

No matter how perfect the proof is, if it doesn't fit their narrative they say its a lie, fabricated, propaganda, etc etc...

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Except I didn't say any of those things and Solar is actually providing information.

You are the one who is just repeating the MSM lines in a thoughtless manner.

...back at discussing religion. That's the sad thing...
If climate change was caused by anything else then greenhouse emissions, we would never find out, as it is not allowed to talk about it. But we would have consumed a lot of 'emission-friendly' consumers' articles.
That's why I don't trust this movement.


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I will read them.

Thank you!

I was reading an article about her the other day. A person with the form of Aspergers she has tends to fixate on a topic and will dig into it in an all consuming manner. She has studied the topic in depth which is why she's able to speak knowledgeably.

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