Xbox Game Pass gets more Bethesda with Doom and RAGE!

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Not sure how many of you are actually Game Pass subscribers on Xbox, but I thought this was even more great news for the program in terms of the value it offers. If you aren't familiar with Xbox game pass, it is a subscription service where you pay $10 a month to get access to all kinds of games. They are both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, and usually Microsoft exclusive games are out on there the day they come out.

For other games, they can be added or removed in any given month. Since the program isn't ALL that old. The two games getting added to Game Pass today are both games that I love, so I felt it necessary for me to encourage people to try them out. Both Doom and RAGE are developed by Bethesda Studios, and are EXCELLENT games. Both are FPS games, while RAGE has a little more to it in terms of story, DOOM is kinda your classic 90s shoot demons and be a badass style game.

It actually seems fitting that RAGE gets added, since the 2nd game got announced not too long ago. We are also due in for a new Doom game in the near future as well. If my reports are correct, then the games are available right now to download and start playing!