Day 43 of Free Write: Tears Prompt

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Tears is definitely something that is interesting to write about. As soon as I saw it I immediately assumed that it was talking about tears as in the things that come from your eyes when you are sad, or sometimes when you are so happy that you can't hold back emotion. Now that I am thinking about it, I guess it could also be something that you rip in a way. I am going to take this in the direction of what I mentioned first, just because that seems more appropriate.

I can't really remember the last time when I cried, so I guess I won't really need to get into that. Now when I see tears I usually assume someone is sad, and not happy. I know the happiness tears can happen at times, but it seems even longer since I would have seen that than even seeing tears that are happy. A lot of the times guys feel like they aren't able to cry at all since it isn't the manly thing to do, but I would never be worried about that personally. I don't buy into the whole masculinity stuff that says a guy can't cry.

Well my five minutes went by quicker than I wanted there since my house is so cold I could barely type! Check the link below to get involved in the fun.



I agree in today's society but men are not giving that same freedom to cry. Tears do not come so easily to Men Who feel that they must be strong. The tears are God's way purifying are pain and letting it flow. It's good that you will allow yourself to cry if needed. I believe it causes for a much healthier person to just feel those emotions. My vote power is drained right now, I'm sorry that I cannot give you a nice upvote.

Update. Voted ;)

that stuff about guys not crying is BS. Strong people cry. Period. ;) Good work!

And in case you're hungry to write more, here's today's prompt:

That's good you don't let society tell you how to feel in such ways! I think our emotions are there for a reason and if we repress them it often is not a good thing. So many people seem to want to be like a "badass" who doesn't give a fuck, and.. I dunno what's so appealing about that. I admire people who have the courage to express themselves even if they aren't at their best!