Day 42 of Free Write: Drive Prompt

in #busy3 years ago


Drive is actually a pretty vague prompt that could be taken so many different ways, but I think I am going to take it in the most literal sense that I can possibly drive the thing pun intended. Actually it kinda was intended there. My mind is going to go to the literal act of driving a car - something that most of us have to do every day.

Many people view their drive in the morning to work as something to dread, or maybe they dread the drive home because of traffic, yet kinda like it because they know they are going home for the day. Many of you know that I absolutely LOVE my music, as narrow as my choice is. Getting to be in my car for a 35 minute commute every morning is what I NEED to start my day before work. Being able to blast music as a drive is an awesome feeling before starting my day officially. Then, when the day is starting to wind down, I get to look forward to blasting music all the way home!

My car speakers are better than most speakers that I have at home, so it is definitely something that is appreciated. Long drives aren't really my thing though. 45 minutes is the perfect amount of driving before I get annoyed or bored. Unfortunately I have a 2 hour drive back to school this Saturday...

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Check out the free write challenge below! (I chose to do yesterday's prompt instead, here is the day I'm writing for though)



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