Day 40 of Free Write: Burning Prompt

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Blows me away how this is my 40th post that is a free write. I forgot how much fun these things can be when I get into them!

I'll be honest, there is a lot of places your mind can go when you see the word burning. I actually saw this prompt earlier in the day and had an idea (or a tangent if you know me well) of where to take this. That idea has been completely forgotten, because, over lunch, it was replaced with a new idea!

My coworkers and I went to this awesome burger place where the burgers are just ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. It was a really great meal, but we got on the topic of how we like our burgers cooked. I was told that since I was getting the lunch special I had to pick between well done, medium, and rare. Normally I go for medium rare every time for every kind of meat, but in this case I went with rare given the options. I would pick rare any day over eating something medium.

Which gets on the topic of burning. If you are having a steak or burger, in my family if you cook it over medium rare that is BURNING. My entire family likes our meat still red, and any hint over that we'll get mad at our great cook (my dad of course) for letting the great meat get burnt like that! I know a lot of people won't share this opinion, since my coworkers didn't agree entirely, but it is definitely something that I got used to as a kid that I don't think I will ever give up!

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