Back Again?

in #busy2 years ago


I feel like I have made a post similar to this in the past, but I can't be entirely sure at this point. I've been so busy the last 6 months with finishing up University that I have been quite absent from the Steem platform for quite some time. Now don't fret, this doesn't mean that I don't believe in Steem succeeding even more in the future, but many other things got in the way. It seems that I always seem to get busier on this platform when I am home at my parents house and away from the distractions that are included in the life of living on a college campus. I find myself at home once again, and COMPLETELY done with my undergraduate years forever which is kinda sad but my head feels more clear than ever. I've been lurking on this site again the last few days and making comments here and there, but am not sure if I will return in full to how active I was before. I might start to blog again or do music reviews as I did in the past, but not nearly to the same level.

I felt the need to make some sort of post on my account, given that I have been commenting here and there and the last post I made WAS NINE MONTHS AGO. I can't believe it has almost been a year since I made a post. I guess I am even nearing two months being on this platform as a whole, and it has been quite a roller coaster indeed. Well, it is pretty late here now, but I'll see what the future holds here :).