Waking Into The Road And Seeing A Strange Tree

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One of the most impressive point among those temples in this survey was the entrance road.
Unlike the temples in other area, the entrance road was exceptionally long to the main building.
We needed to walk for a while. I think there must be a reason for this long road to the temple, for example, spiritual readiness, etc.

I began to walk, but at that very moment to walk I found the standing board for the tree designated as a natural memorial plant. It was a tree lying on the cliff. The name of this tree was ‘Song Ak’. It was known as a Japanese Ivy.

Maybe this tree looks much more bigger than the usual ivy.
So I took some photos of ‘Song Ak’ tree.

At first I didn’t notice that was a tree, I thought it as some kind of grasses covering the cliff.


As getting the closer, the clearer the appearance of the tree was.




The Song Ak Tree was designated as the natural memorial plant , because this area of Gochang was the northern limitation line of this tree. A botanist would interest in this plant.

After looking at ‘Song Ak’ tree, I entered into the road to the temple.
The road was nice, and walking along the road was pleasant.




The stream along the road was exceptionally awesome. Especially the reflected trees on the water was so beautiful.
I was walking on the road with hearing the water flow.



Someone looked like peeing on the stream, I was surprised. As getting closer, that someone was a women. She was just looking at the flow of the stream. Even what I saw now would be not a truth.


In the middle of the road, there was an one pillar gate.


The road was continued after passing through the one pillar gate.
Most of all trees made me calm and peaceful.



It was really nice experience to walk through the green trees.

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Trees are usually similar to see but this song AK is really different. Your post represents greenery among soil, water and height.


Your comment drips from your brain
Like Japanese haiku
Forever saved, on the chain

Amazing photos I must confess, visually describing your adventure. Kudos, much respect .

It was a nice experience enjoying your photos too. A beautiful place indeed.

What cool places! I did not know that trees can grow on the cliff . I also want to go to that temple and stroll along those roads. 🗻🏞🎐


I feel like comments with Emojis will statistically gain more upvotes over time, its because they capture more attention :)

Awesome nature 🤗💙

suddenly I visited from a green world... its because of the sweet pictures of you.

Cute .. Beautiful
You are lucky .. wonderful pictures of you
Thanks for sharing..

Lovely work that creates feeling among people to fall in love with nature.
and definitely, these are looking awesome.
love your work and keep posting.
keep supporting

I love those photos, wish that I will visit this place someday

Gorgeous picture. Looking beautiful.

Anything involving spooky camping is too much for me!

You always pick the best. You have wonderful eyes for things like this. I am really surprised it was a tree too. That was strange looking, and a good kind of strange .

Hahahaha looks like 'he' was peeing too.

These are amazing and i totally enjoyed them. Well done sir

Well to be honest at first glance anybody would thought that it was just some bush covering the cliff ;)

Nature does has its own way of showing the beauty !

It does amazes us in various ways !

While I do really have to say the entrance was indeed amazing and beautiful !The tress and the garden were indeed amazing so was the road that goes between them.

While that she does looks like a he ; )

Overall thanks for the whole tour buddy @slowwalker . Liked it very much !

오랜만에 왔습니다..하하^^
이래저래 스팀잇 관련 밋업과 , 행사가 있어서
이제야 좀 정신차리네요~^^
사진 보면서 괜히 속 시원하게 뻥 뚫리고 갑니다..
역시 사람은 푸른걸 봐야 하나봅니다^^

Uhhggg nature why you so sexy!!!

Wow They are too big trees! I imagine they must be more than 100 years by the size of their roots is impressive how much they can grow the photos are very nice thanks for sharing with us :D

you are a great photographer. your photography is perfect make me amazed with your photography. i have shared your post @slowwalker

Amazing photos catch my eyes. Excellent friend. I love the information shared and developed in your post ... Every day I learn a little more about you ... From #venezuela supporting your work with my #vote and my #reesteem as always .. blessings

Gorgeous photos.

Hi, @slowwalker! A very peaceful meditative walk... I believe you are right and that it is probably to ready one for the temple.

The Japanese IV is much bigger than what I am used to seeing, especially the trunk. It is huge. After passing that the road becomes much more friendly and easy to pass.

I'm sure that you were surprised when you came up on woman who appeared to be peeing. Is it a normal thing for a pillar key to be preceding a temple? I have actually never been to the Orient and it is unfamiliar to me, but it's always a pleasure to learn new things about this wonderful world.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the temple and that you found peace in your soul.

I still dont really know why l love nature so much...maybe the green..Hmmm but its so beautiful..Just see these photos you just shared..they are simply awesome.travel is really sweet with you @slowwalker,resteemed

It's a good sign of photography,, I don't know who take those shorts but it's good

Your travels have taken me mentally to the wonderful places of the country where I have never been! It's exciting!

oh wow this is so amazing road so refreshing and relax environment. Tree is so Song Ak tree is so big @slowwalker . Thank You for share with us.

The trees are very green ..
Looks very cool and peaceful ..

Beautiful trip ;-)

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a very natural landscape and I hope this place is always awake and always a beautiful place

Woooo your photographs are beautiful, you are talented, if your photos are like this I suppose the landscape should be a whole show

Wow @slowwalker that place so cute and special, all the photos are beautiful and inspire a sense of harmony... The Song Tree Ak could not think it was a tree if you do not explain it and do not show the photos.

Beautiful photography!!! I love nature. We always need escape to places like this to let us connect with our self... thanks for sharing!!!

I've never seen something like the tree in the first photos, nice pics love it!

All very beautiful.

relaxing to see the pics.

Very beautiful photos. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивые фото. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Beatiful pictures, I love it!, This Song AK tree y very curious; I published a few days ago an article with a curious tree I called capricious nature and I explained how two trees had grown in a curious way without harming each other, Here it is!![image.png] ()
I invite you to visit my blog @mjoa07, Thanks for share that interesting images

nature beautiful, this place very protected, enjoy it would be very happy to spend long time here, @slowwalker,☺️

Wow this truly is a weird and beautiful tree. I also love all the greenery everywhere. I never imagined Korea to be so green. Did you do any photo enhancements here?

trees are necessary part of life

Nice click
Please i need your upvote please