The Rocks On The Beach Of Chaeseokgang In Byeonsan Area, Mysterious Phenomenoa

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People visiting at Chaeseonkgang were usually interested in the Cliff.
Yes, the cliff looked great. 20 - 30 M height of the cliff had various appearance when looking at the cliff from different places.
But the most excellent features were not the cliff but the rocks and stones on the beach, in my opinion.

There was a wide area of the rocks on the bottom of the cliff.
The beach of Chaeseokgang was formed with the various kinds of the rocks.
So if you enjoy the geological aspect in Chaeseokgan area, you need to look down the rocks on the beach.

Interesting thing was the rocks by the beach was quite different from that of the cliff.
Unlike the rocks of cliff, the rocks by the beach seemed to be formed with complicated elements.
If you see the rocks by the beach as below, you can notice that there are so many kinds of the rocks by the beach.




It seemed that those various rocks and the stones were the result of the explosion of the volcano.
When the lava was cooling slowly, the rocks became high density stuff.
I could see the flows of lava on the beach.



When the lave was cooling quickly, the rocks became the stuff having low density.
And we can see the holes in the stone.
It must be a vaporized traces.






The shells were on the rocks. They were attached strongly to the rocks. It seemed that the shells were digging into the rocks. It was so curious how the shells could go into the rocks.





It seems that it is a process of fossilization.

The most interesting thing was that we can see the accumulation and the explosion of the lava in one place.
I don’t know these different geological phenomenon could happen in one place ?

If you interest in the geology, I strongly recommend to drop by Chaeseokgang, you can see the various phenomena in one place.

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It is awesome. Rocks enhance the beauty of beach. Nature is itself a great blessing. The holes in the picture is amazing.


Yes, it was awesome.

It is an interesting kind of rock formation there at the beach of Chaeseokgang @slowwalker and I bet that there are many specimen of fossils buried beneath the layers of rocks which I believe was formed by sediment deposits over the years and then geologic movements just brought the rocks up the surface, truly an amazing place.

It's quite fascinating to see how rocks were formed like that, awesome pics looks like a lot of fun :))


Well, I have never seen these kinds of rocks. Its really good to see something which you have never seen in your life. You always bring quality travel blogs @slowwalker. I really appreciate it.

nice post

I like on some of the pictures below, it is an oyster that sticks to the rock and it fits perfectly like a frame.

WAW GOOD32222328_617530461914604_8393792485087772672_n.jpg

Falling there will surely injure you.

It is a wonderful scenery.

The photos are incredible I imagine that when the tide goes up those little holes are filled with water and the rocks must look fantastic! It would be great to see more closely that place in any way thanks for sharing this with us is an excellent job :)

I'm really proud of you. How to bring a camera by climbing a cliff that is very steep and dangerous. you are a world photographer @ slowwalker.

Cliffs are all rocks, if we walk should be careful because it is slippery.

It's very intriguing to perceive how shakes were shaped that way, magnificent pics

I could see the flows of lava on the beach.

wow nice nd wonderful photography..

Magic pictures. I did not think that stones can be so beautiful.

I've never been to Chaeseokgang but I did hear that the cliff is quite amazing, I would love to see it one day. Those rocks are super cool though!!!

What an interesting place :)

Que lugar tan imponente! una formación geológica bella!

Amazing. Nature has its own ways of working and surprising humans.

Amazing how pictures of rocks are so popular. Oh well.. Might as well jump on the band wagon.