The Banners And The Drawings Around The Stage For The Ritual For The Yeongsanjae In Bonwonsa,

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The stage was prepared in the foreground of the temple.
It seemed one of the most important to understanding the meaning of this ritual.
This ritual is said as a reenacting scene of Buddha’s teaching when he was alive.

The most important part in the stage seemed the drawing of Shaka which was hung in the front of the stage. It was as high as two story building.



The sky was covered with white curtains to make the shadow for performing the ritual.


Various colors and types of the banners were hung around the stage and here and there.




And the stage properties were ready for the performance.



What attracted my attention was 12 animals representing 12 years in the oriental society.
I was wondered what these animals had meaning in this ritual and Buddhism.
Anyway, in oriental culture those 12 animals have very important meaning in daily life.
Below are the photos of Buddha and some of animals







People were still busy to preparing for the ritual.

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It is a very colorful ritual and the banner perhaps denotes many meanings and one can just imagine the meaning of those animals like their association for the months of the year possibly or the cycle of it @slowwalker.

Lovely images.

The banners are looking cool

The photos are extremely astounding! I adore the amount you indicate us about customs and societies of different nations in light of the fact that these post are exceptionally advancing for the individuals who don't know much about movement and different nations, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing your astounding work.i resteemit this Content.

amazing keep it up

nice post @slowwalker very interesting amazing i really like your post @slowwalker

The image is very nice and has a very deep meaning.

Really very beautiful banners
Express the culture of a people
I love to know the culture of other peoples
A very special article

Waoo que hermosas pinturas y artes hay mucho talento quede impresionado me encanto tu post,saludos.

Nice photographs @slowwalker. I'm not the religion fan though but the pictures are so vivid and colorful. I also like the drawings and arts.

영산제법회 우리 문화재인데도 저도 처음봐요 예술적 전통미가 넘치네요 잘봤습니다

Beautiful pics @slowwalker 😊👌

당신의 사진은 완벽합니다. 여전히 지속 가능하고 놀라운 문화. 내 keblog로 시간을 멈추게한다면.고마워.

절에는 가보지 않고 인터넷으로만 불교를 접하고 있는데...오늘 이렇게 영산재라는것을 알게 됐네요 ^^

@slowwalker, I'm very impressive to see Korean cultural banners and drawings. It has lot of meanings about Buddhism.

It seemed one of the most important to understanding the meaning of this ritual. This ritual is said as a reenacting scene of Buddha’s teaching when he was alive.

Absolutely agree with above contents. These drawing of Shaka put in front stage and color combination on the drawing nicely. Huge peoples attend for do ritual. The banner's colors colorful. Also stage properties has spiritual looks. Impressive animal's drawing and their characters mentioned orient Buddhist culture. Thanks for the inspiration. See ya later.

A suitable stage is built in the temple so that the ritual will look better

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I love this part of the world. Everything is so colourful.

I did not know that 12 animals representing 12 years in the oriental philosophy are related to Buddism. Well sometimes Buddism itself is so deep which is very hard to grasp the core principles.

The pictures are really amazing! I love how much you show us about traditions and cultures of other countries because these post are very enriching for those who do not know much about travel and other countries, thanks for sharing your excellent work

One thing I love the Koreans for is their culture. Very proud of it.
I watched a k-drama movie today, "children of a lesser God" and the girl was like, "ghosting".
I don't really believe Koreans believe in that.

Would have love it if I am able to visit Seoul , even for once.

Amazing photography @slowwalker,i like it.


that's a bad request.

Respond content with wholeheartedly, without any lure. And appreciate if you like it. If you value the work of others, others will also appreciate your work. Never ask

That's my suggestion to you.

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

I love Korea life

That's cool. It's like being in the Disney movie Mulan :D

I really do love the colors associated to asian rituals. It makes it feel like a festival.

The ritual looks so spiritual! Love it!!

I love buddist temple such vibrant colours 💯🐒

The whole place looks so colourful and beautiful. The 12 animals representation is it something similar to tbe Chinese calender?
I am sure the rituals would be a delight to see

Wow great moments with full of life.

Korea is beautiful place!! I want to travel there!

I am also curious, what these animals mean in this Buddhist ritual and religion.

One thing I love about Asian cultures is their frank love of bright colors and their ability to use them harmoniously. What a beautiful setting for a ritual.

Wow cool pic my friends.. :)

사진들과 무대는 매우 흥미롭네요~^^

Keep the pictures coming. Its really cool to see a ritual in Korea.

So colorful and beautiful ! thanks for sharing @slowwalker ! upped earlier by Auto / now resteemed.👍💕✌

you say this is very true and very slow slowwalker, you are amazing, slowwalker kindly please visit my blog once plis slowwalker, my post is always empty@slowwalker

Excellent photo gallery. I love to photograph places I travel. It is great to share such wonderful adventures in photographs and video. Upvoted and following.

Excellent information. I, too, liked the image of 12 animals. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная информация. Мне, тоже, понравились изображение 12 животных. Удачи Вам и Любви.