Korean Traditional Garden ‘Soshoe-won’ and The Entrance to The Garden In Damyang, Korea.

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It is not easy to find the Korean traditional garden now days.
At first, introducing the characteristics of the Korean traditional garden seems helpful for you to understand and enjoy the Korean traditional garden.

The Korean traditional gardens mean the gardens of Choson dynasty.
It is impossible to find out the gardens made in other dynasties except Choson.

The traditional gardens in Korea had the strong influence from the Confucianism and the Taoism.
In the case of the Gardens, the Taoism seemed stronger than the Confucianism.
In my opinion, it would be natural when we though the real meaning of the garden, taking a rest there.

As soon as arriving at Soshoe-won, I bought a ticket and walked into the garden.
The road to Soshoe-won garden was dream like scene. Here, the meaning of Soshoe is clean and clear, ‘won’ means garden.

Soshoe-won is located in Damyang area, the west south area of the Korean peninsular, near Gwangjoo city.
Weather of this area is warm and mild to other area in Korea, so the bamboos are so popular in this area.

You can enjoy the bamboo forest on the way to the garden. Actually, the bamboo has cool characteristics among the trees. So you could feel cool atmosphere by the road.





At first you could see the small pond at the very first entrance.
The scene of the pond was so beautiful with the sunlight.


As walking into the garden, there was a wall and small pavilion with dried grass straw roof.





The patterns of the wall made by the stones and the muds seemed so humble and friendly.
What you can feel from the wall is the core of Korean culture and its characteristics, in my view.

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It looks so refreshing in there at a Soshoe-won garden, it really looks clean and clear because of the bamboo forest around. If there is a pond around then it will complete the whole ecosystem of Bamboos. I wish that I could visit such place too.

nice! but too far for me

Very beautiful photos!

nice photos.

Great travel pictures, thank you for sharing.
I'm thinking that standing water is not drinkable.

It is so nice in Damyang. I am actually planning to visit this region when the weather cools down a little.

@slowwalker hello 👋 sir, Wow is a wonderful garden, it looks like the earth's paradise, the bamboo garden full of greenery, all the wonderful views, we all go together in the Korean Traditional Garden, you have visited so beautiful garden, your experience is a lot, to tell the truth that garden Helps to maintain our natural beauty, helps to create a passion in our mind, after seeing the garden, all the anger, distraction, and all the forgetfulness in our mind Not all family, or friends, please tell me

As if I'm always travelling with you @slowwalker, whenever I came across your posts. The Garden looks so peaceful not only clean and beautiful, I believe the air is so fresh in there. I love the bamboos, they're quite different from here in the Philippines. This really makes me eagerly wanting to visit Korea...Oh how I wish!

Beautiful. How I wish to just travel the world and not worry about the money.

It looks so beautiful and transmits tranquility that landscape.

here meaning of Soshoe is clean and clear, ‘won’ means garden. Acually you great.

Traditional park in the city of damyang very beautiful ,, rattan tree also looks very neat, looks clean and very beautiful ..

Beautiful pictures, beautiful garden! Korea is one of the countries I would love to visit soon. 😊

Wow! The garden is so beautiful. Nice photography.

Beautiful garden .. place looks calm .. I believe it should be a great place to visit alone.

Wow @slowwalker I’m always super impressed by how beautiful the scenery is in your posts. Thank you for sharing this beautiful landscape with us!

Stunning images ! beautiful garden !

@slowwalker, Korean Traditional Garden ‘Soshoe-won’ wanna brilliant location for being relaxation & meditation. Cool environment with bamboo trees. Garden and small pavilions reminded traditional villages. I went central province of village my country 3 months ago and seen like these properties. Wall patterns so adorable. I'm pretty inspiring today with cool photo clicks. Triple gem bless you.

the bamboo forest is cool and nice

Thanks for giving us a tour to a beautiful traditional Korean Garden...
And yeah it look calm and peaceful :)

Wow so much beauty and so much green, I would love to walk through that Bamboo forest and feel the freshness of that place, it can be a nice place to relax and with some watercolors paint something fresh and beautiful.

Thank you @slowwalker for those beautiful photos and for showing us such a beautiful garden. 😍👌

Very natural garden...
Success is always for you....

I especially like the greenery. It is wonderful to move in such an environment. Enjoying nature is the most beautiful thing there is. Have a nice day my friend......

담양에서 제일 좋았던 곳으로 기억에 남아있네요. 산세를 거스르지 않고 적절히 놓인 정자며 집들이 자연스러우면서도 편안한 느낌을 주는 곳이어서 선조들의 건축미학을 엿볼수 있는 곳이었습니다

Are you allowed to cut from that bamboo to use in your homes as a decoration or some other activity? It looks beautiful the forest where you took the pictures :)

Nice photography dear....
Always your post is inovative..
I waiting for your next post

Amazing place @slowwalker :) Nice Shot

A wonderful story about the gardens. You have the talent to see the beauty in ordinary places. Good luck to you and love.

Замечательная история о садах. У Вас талант видеть прекрасное в обычных местах. Удачи Вам и любви.

Beautiful and peaceful garden.

Beauty surrounds us always, but usually, we need to open our eyes and know it and appreciate the beauty of this Mother Earth.

Thank you, for sharing!

Great pictures! 😍 Love the green! And it all looks very peaceful!

wonderful garden, it's quite a show, I want to visit that magical place

Hi @slowwalker, I didn't know your blog. I'm amazed by your picture and the way you describe Korea to the world. What di you use to shot them?
I am into Macro photography.

Greetings from Italy! 🇮🇹

You have such amazing moment around this Soshoe-won ..I like those bamboo environment seem so refreshing there, we had similar house in local here mud with stone i guess they represent the pride of culture.. thx for sharing, when I first seen "Won on Currency Note" I never thought Its having such interpretation ‘won’ - garden. There are lot to learn in Korea cultura the way I see it...

Your trip to Korean must have been amazing!
You have really great travel photos. (:

Looking so beautifull photo

They seam to be so peaceful this gardens. Great article @slowwalker !

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오늘 같은 날 가고 싶은 곳이에요^^

Que jardin tan espectacular nos muestras hoy @slowwalker sencillamente los Arboles de Bambú le dan un toque especial a ese Jardin. Lindo Lindo. Saludos amigo

One of the most beautiful gardens i've ever seen! thanks for sharing this amazing place!

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Wow very beautiful 👌