Combination Between the authoritative scenes and the tiny little things in Gaeam-sa, Korea

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Gaeam-sa temple was located in far away from the village.
So the atmosphere of this temple was idle and there were not so many people there.

Even though this temple had more than thousands years of history, nobody was there at that time except me.
This temple looked like to be embraced by the mountains. But the scene of the temple was very authoritative.



There was a reason why it looked like authoritative.
The name of this area, Byronsan, was originated from the ancient kindom of Byeon Han.
According to the legend, this place was the capital of Byeon Han, the ancient kingdom before Baekje Dynasty. It meant that temple Gaeam-sa was very important in this area.
But as time going, the meaning and the importance of this temple seemed to have been diminished.

I entered into the temple through the gate.
There was a gate for 4 heaven Kings keeping paradise of Buddhism.
Unlike other temple, those 4 heaven kings were not colored with Dan-Cheng(Red and Blue Color).
The only parts colored were eyes. Interesting thing was 4 heaven kings have eyes on their belly.








As entering into the temple, the authoritative scene of the temple was so impressive to me.
But there was tiny idle scenes of this temple made me soft and peaceful.

I slowly walked around the temple and photographed some beautiful shots.
The wall was made up of the roof tiles and the mud, and the patterns of wall was so impressive.




The plants on the corner of the temple were so tiny.



There was an unknown name of flower through the stone walls.
This tiny flower made my mind peaceful.
I had gazed at those small plants for a while.


The really important thing in our life was not the grandiose things but the tiny little things.

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The technique for building the wall is beautiful! Also we used to build houses with mud bricks.

beautiful place, beautiful carvings and flowers, I like,@slowwalker

Those piercing eyes!!

The guitar is beautiful, the sculpture has a lot of details. The flower is called marble flower my grandmother, she used to love those flowers, great story, again, thanks!

wauuu a very beautiful place my friend, may be your success always for you, please visit to my blog once my very kind friend @slowwalker

The flower that you wondered the name? It is a succulent called Pachyphytum... all of the flowers are tiny, but fitting in their surroundings.

I am not sure what to think of those eyes on the belly! I tried to research it on the internet and came up empty-handed. Do you know why?

I like the pattern of the roof tiles on the walls. Looks like scales from a fish. Interesting!


wooooow, Asia will never stop surprising us with its culture and art

The landscape of the mountains with the temple in the middle looks beautiful.
They have lasted for many years and are in very good condition.
Who would have had the idea of putting eyes on his belly? what does it mean?
see that tiles with mud reminds me of the old houses that were in the town where I live.
the flowers are beautiful, many times we look for happiness, harmony and peace in so many things, but we do not realize that there are things that are small that can give us that.
You do not always have to have a lot to be happy!
Thank you @slowwalker
every time I learn more about your culture

yes, i agree with you , the tiny things determine success or failure, it's really important , by the way , i prefer the last photo, the beautiful flower growing between the rocks . good job @slowwalker thankyou .

De verdad que por las fotografias que nos muestras hoy es un templo muy hermoso, esos cuatros Reyes del Cielo son magnificos @slowwalker

@slowwalker, I learnt much about history of Gaeam-Sa temple today through your contexts. Really inspiration photography. If nobody there, you had free time to catch tremendous photo clicks.

Interesting thing was 4 heaven kings have eyes on their belly.

Yep me too also. It has various part of the Korean style. Around environment so beautiful with tree shades. Beautiful flowers finally.

Thank you.

The statues inside the temple are fantastic and at the same time have intimidating faces! I must admit that it is a culture that draws the attention of anyone who likes old stories, the photos are wonderful thanks for sharing with us :D

super and ultimate art for this

l got scared at a point but i got it as l read on ...beautiful images too @slowwalker

Waw !! That wooden sculptures are so much detailed. Impressive !

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@slowwalker, man its too scary, but i like your photography

Very beautiful photos. It is difficult to find the words to describe the beauty 100%. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивые фото. Сложно подобрать слова, чтобы на 100% описать и красоту. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I'll follow you

The eyes on their belly is horrible. :-)

Whoa, I am attracted to the raw, mud wall built up with stacked roof tiles! Is it just like the pattern of Chinese drawings that resemble water. Agree on the authorative part of the shrine as it is located at the focul point facing the mountain.