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RE: Where did @KarenSueStudios Go?

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Congratulations on the colouring books. I flag basically everything over 25 dollars I see, especially if it has been promoted needlessly. Clearly you're unaware of the new dynamics on steem. I'll introduce you to the new reality here with my weak friendly flag to let it be known you will need to do much more than stop in to say hello and have a 50 dollar valued post.. Clearly even after 6 months away, you either have a helluva following, as there's likely not even 1000 active steemians here, or you bought all these votes. This is at the top of trending LMFAO!! If you're gonna hang around, know that things have e changed for the former "full timers" and this shit ain't gonna cut it, unless you're some special class of steem elite.. We shall see, this place is full of hypocrites and circle jerks..


No, I just think shit like this isn't worth the rewards. If you do that's cool, steem on..Coming from a dude that self dust votes his comment..

Grow up you muppet. Are you 3 ? Grown up people are allowed to disagree with other grown up people....and they don't feel it necessary to self up vote their own comments which is considered abuse ....Although from someone who simply cashes out their Steem each month like a top community member, I'd expect little else.

So, disagreeing with the disagreement isn't okay though? lol.

Skra is fine and at least he backs up his words with a downvote and it is also fine for others to disagree with his take.

Self upvoting is just an expression of stake and other stakeholders can choose to disagree if they want.

I often disagree with Skra, but I give him credit for using his voice and his vote to back up his opinions.

I carry my soapbox with me at all times, that and muh flags 😂

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Which Muppet baby do you most identify with?

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That makes it more interesting!

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