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RE: I'll Show You The One Thing You Need To Do To Never get Bitten By Cheetah Again!

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A question, though: I have a blog outside of SteemIt myself. I think some if the content I wrote in the last couple of months would be perfect to post on SteemIt. If I would update them with a footer that mentions a repost on Steemit and add a link to the steemit post, would that be okay? Or do the rules only involve ‘new posts’ (and how old can a ‘new post’be to be considered a new post?)


No, that's fine. You may repost. New content is always suggested of course but there are no rules against moving older posts. Just make sure it's clear that this is your own work. People get confused otherwise.

Unfortunately I just got a different opinion from Patrice at #cheetah Discord channel: "@jliu#6305 We only whitelist if new content is being picked up by @cheetah. Part of cheetah's function is to let the community know that the content posted isn't fresh content." So I cannot crosspost old articles from my blog/website without being mauled by the beast ;), even if I use SteemPress and add a link to the original content and I can prove I am the owner of the original content ...

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