The 2018 Canadian Memory Championship in Toronto, Sept 1

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It will be my 7th time running the Canadian Memory Championship as the Chair of the event. This time around, we found great support with the Trireme Academy ( 1850 Victoria Park ) providing us with the venue not only for free but also helping us with promoting the event, as this kind of event falls in line with what they wish to support. They will remove the mattresses from the gym floor and put tables and chairs so we can get going with a different kind of exertion!IMG_20180623_191348787_HDR.jpg
There will be 4 memory disciplines featured to determine the new Canadian Memory Champion. We will start things off with a five minute period of memorizing Names and Faces. Some good samples of this test can be found at
Then, we will have a 15 minutes memorization of random words (mostly concrete nouns) Then, we will have a 5 minute period of memorization of random numbers , with a second attempt immediately afterwards. We will end the competition with Speed Cards, 5 minutes of memorization of playing cards, again with 2 attempts.
The champion will be the person that accumulates the most points, with 3 points for a first place, 2 points for a second place and one point for a third place.

Separately, we will also have a one page of additions at the end to determine a new mental math champion. This will be a 5 minute test. The whole event should take about 4 hours.

So far, we have received the registrations from some top memory athletes, including the 2018 Western Canadian Memory Champion, Eric Li, 3 times Alberta Memory Champion Jim Gerwing as well a top US Memory Athlete, Livan Grijalva.

For more information, or if you would like to participate please contact me at [email protected]

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