There is more to accidental road kills

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Sometimes you get moments where everything becomes very clear to you. You understand the issue, often after years of trying to figure the problem. Well, I have had one such moment a few days ago, and felt the urge to write about it ever since.

I have believed for a long time that unintentional car collisions causing death or injuries should not be called accidents because you can reasonably expect that they will occur and I always thought that by definition, if you can predict something will occur, then it doesn't entirely happen by accident. So, if car accidents aren't really accidents, then what are they? I never really had a satisfying answer to that question until last week, when I thought, "well, it could be murder?" Now that sounded like a big accusation. So, I started running down my list of arguments against that idea and none of the rebuttals I could think of made any sense any more.

The first reaction you would expect from a reasonable person would be, "So if you loose control of your car due to the weather, or if someone jumps in front of your car unexpectedly when you have the right of way, and this causes a death, you think you, as the driver, should face a murder trial?"


My answer to this is that as a society, we fail to recognize as murder any killing where the premeditated intent to kill was not specific to any time and target. In other words, if I want to kill but I never select any specific victim and never select any specific time to kill, and instead, I let the events dictate or impose these critical elements of my intent to kill then I am no longer recognized as a murderer, according to laws everywhere, and my murderous wishes will be dismissed as simple legal wishes to cause death or injury to other people.

Laws that regularly condone car killings reflect our culture and values. What we find scary in a murder is that we could be chased, pursued and intimidated by others who could use the threat of targeting us as candidates for murder if we don't do as they wish. If someone turns us into a candidates for murder but without specifically targeting us or any specific time for the kill, then we may still erroneously feel adequately protected against such deadly people. When people kill due to circumstances that allowed them to kill legally, we use specific words such as that the killer was in fact in an accident. But all this really does is to change the meaning of the word "accidental" to "non-accidental," or double speak. Lots of people have the mind power and intellectual abilities to see the lie in that. But we live in a society that lies to itself and appears to be doing a good job at believing its own lies, and these lies are being used to condone what should be considered as a systematic type of murder.

Now why can't we put an end to these veiled murders by simply calling them out? The reason is that the murderer is skilled with lies, propaganda, misinformation and uses public relation agents to spread his views. When murderers don't get caught early on, they often end up gaining substantial power through their shams. Today's liars are similarly well established and are attached to the wealth produced by their schemes.

Discovering the truth can lead to a societal upheaval. Against this, and in order to keep our world going round with the same wrongs, conservative people will want to hammer the same old lies for public consumption until they are believed.

In conclusion, the killing of people by car accident as it is understood today is an immoral act that should be known as murder but which is covered up by society's institutions and leadership to benefit the higher ups in society who benefit from keeping the world going as it is. If the truth were exposed, then you couldn't have car insurance anymore because this is evidence of "kill premeditation." You couldn't have car manufacturers or salespersons. Now who would support an end to all these jobs and to the way of life that they are used to? Economic stability matters more than the truth to any murderer and so it is the same for the thick society in which we live.

Accident victims are in fact our sacrifices to an economic God and it is just as barbaric as former human sacrifices of young children by ancient societies to appease their Gods. The extent of our sacrifices to our God of economic necessities is great and as a result of appeasing this body hungry God this way, we can go anywhere anytime really fast. We can rush faster than ever before lining up. We get to fool ourselves into thinking we are energetic this way, but the trouble with the projection of the machine's power onto ourselves is an other issue that needs to be talked about, but I'll save that for another post. Thanks for reading.


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