How strong were Toronto's winds yesterday?

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This was on my street, just a few houses away from where I live.


This too was on my street. It's a good thing the wind storm occurred after school...

Also yesterday, as I traveled by bike, I saw a tree that had fallen on top of a car....

I've never seen anything like that before here in Toronto. It may be related to global warming? I was just about to make a report on the aftermath of the Toronto ice storm when this happened. That will be my next post.

The wind pushed the traffic light.

Well, these construction shelters aren't full proof.


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If the one knows nothing then everyone would be able to learn more.

Now you just confused me, you said you did not ask a question.

That is devastating. Still glad there was no casualties.

I didn't here of any casualty in Toronto and yes, this is fortunate.

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