I would definitely say CIA. Some kind of Black Ops/psi ops misinformation shit kind of shill.

I discount advanced AI because he mentions penises and vaginas a lot.

Whatever, his sort must be hunted down and killed.

AI can do penises pretty well

In that case humanity is already lost!

And are you for or against that?

Lady Gaga? I wouldn't say no when she was skinny. But I am not known for being particularly choosy. I am off the kind she isn't a tranny right enough :0)

Sounds like you totally dig those hot trannies

Only my fellow CIA trannies, we have tranny parties in which we all dress as old fashioned clocks which have stopped and there are prizes for the ones who have the best time to stop at.

How much is two plus two?

@meesterboom upvoted me at least once. Definitely not CIA. They don't like me, nor I them.

Cia Carona e Teatro de Quinta

Holy shit, an upvote? That proves it then...

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