'Why the customers are getting money from suppliers after supplying electricity' 9P6.11-H

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(33.55) 'Why the customers are getting money from suppliers after supplying electricity'

The chairman of the Rural Electrification Board, Major General of the company, asked why the money must be collected from the customer after supplying all the components of the electricity distribution from the government. Moin Uddin Recently, two engineers of Ribe were caught in Hatena by taking a bribe from Lalmonirhat customers. He said the organization's image was damaged due to the arrest of the Reebike Engineer (Anti Corruption Commission) (ACC).

‘বিদ্যুতের যন্ত্রাংশ সরবরাহের পরও গ্রাহকদের কাছ থেকে অর্থ আদায় কেন’.JPG

The chairman of the Arbi said, "Officers and employees associated with bribery-corruption will be strictly suppressed. Those who will be proved against them will be discharged. "In the ARABI, if two husbands and wives have been given a letter to another person for their immoral activities, he said," There are many people who are working in different districts in Arbi. But with the family, they stay in Dhaka. They came to Dhaka on Thursday. They went to the office again on Sunday. Customers are deprived of the services. Do not behave like this. '
He said these at the DGM conference held at the head office of the Rural Electrification Board (RBI) on Saturday (August 11th). Over 300 deputy general managers (DGM) of 80 Palli Biduity Samity under Riebe were field supervisors and executive engineers of REB. Members of the conference were present on the occasion, members of the Arbi (Finance) Jainal Abedin, Member (D & D) Mostafa Kamal, Member (P & D) Abdus Salam and Member (Committee on Management) Mahbubul Bashar and senior officials were present.
The theme of the conference is 'harassment-free power commitment'. In order to implement this pledge, the chairman of the Arbi chairman DGM ordered to not harass the customers. The chairman said, the annual development program (ADP) has been recognized by the best organization among the power distribution department of Arbi. To achieve this we must all keep up. Due to isolated incidents, the success achieved in the last day can not be questioned. There is no shortage of goods due to the huge amount of money the government has given to RBI. He instructed the DGM to provide quick electricity connection to the places where the line was constructed.
He said that due to the increased system loss in a number of PBS systems, the system should be reduced to single digit digit. He also said that for system upgradation everyone must work together with integrity and honesty. He instructed to give quick connection against industrial establishment and residential pending application.

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