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(33.62) The Rain River is drying up in the hot summer

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The waters of the German heritage and the Manoram Rhine are drying up in the hot summer. According to a report published in the British Media Metro, a part of the rain was completely dried up. Many fish are going to die in the summer.

One of the longest and most important rivers in Europe. Rhine and Danube were the northern boundaries of the Roman Empire Since then, the Rhine has been playing an important role as river water. It also plays a role in military defense, and determining local and international boundaries. There are many fortifications, and ancient defense structures, The English Run (running) also came from the name of the river.

Renn's length is 1,320 km (820 miles). Two thousand cubic meters of water flow through an average of every second. But now its water has dropped abnormally. According to Metro UK, many places now look like a rocky desert.

At the beginning of this week, many fish died due to high levels of Swiss water. The warm water of the rain water increased to four degrees.

Hunter and Fisheries division officer of Scafhusen Cantonment, Andree Vogelli said they have been collecting dead fish for several days. He said, 'We've been seeing the dead fish floating in the ray for a few days. So far, we have collected nearly one thousand kg dead fish.

Samuel Grandler of the Swiss Fisheries Association said, the situation will be more scary in a short space. He said, 'we have done everything we can.'

Apart from Switzerland and Germany, the Rhine river also flows with Lichtenstein, Austria, France and the Netherlands. The heat has started in Europe, not just the Rhine. The United Kingdom has seen the most severe heat since 1976. Wah Reservoir has also dried up to Manchester, said the metro.

Rhine is one of Europe's most important rivers for transporting goods. Hundreds of loaded cargo ships run through Europe on various routes every day. There is no contamination in the Rain river even when the city is besieged. So the water of this river is crystal clear throughout the year.

During World War II on March 7, 1945, US Army officer Lieutenant The US Ninth Armed Division, led by Colonel H. Tiaiman, is able to reach around this bridge. Earlier, in order to hamper the progress of the Allies, Hitler's forces also tried two failed attempts to overthrow the bridge. Hitler became so enraged that he tried to execute a brief military court and sentenced five German officers to death. Despite all the attempts of Hitler to destroy the bridge, the bridge collapsed due to the overweight pressure on 17 March 1945. At the end of the war this place became spectacular and historic. People from the country and abroad rushed to the shore of the Rain River, in a very quiet area, the tribals said the victims.

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