The attackers on journalists demanded the arrest of them on Saturday 6P10.8-H

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(33.34) The attackers on journalists demanded the arrest of them on Saturday

Journalists' leaders demanded the arrest of attackers on journalists during the gathering of protesters demanding a safe road. On the same day, the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and the Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) have announced the program to be held in front of the National Press Club on Sunday if the attackers were not arrested under the law by arresting the attackers on Saturday (August 11). The journalist leaders announced this in a protest rally organized on Wednesday (August 8th) in front of the National Press Club.

সাংবাদিকদের ওপর হামলাকারীদের শনিবারের মধ্যেই গ্রেফতারের দাবি.jpg

Journalists said that at least 40 people were attacked in the gathering of news gathering protesters demanding a safe road. They also said, attacking journalist society can not be stopped by assault, torture and torture. The end of the dictatorship of the dictatorship was not saved.
Journalist leader Ruhul Amin Gazi said, "The government wants to stabilize the power of the journalists and make the power lasting. The dream of the government will not be met. The government has cheated the students as they have cheated the Kota activists. "He said," The journalists will continue to fight against repression oppression. "
M. Abdullah said, "The ministers, including the Prime Minister, were seen by terrorists visiting the hospital, they were attacked on their orders. The consequences of giving terrorists a chance will not be good, "he said." The government should be ashamed of the loss of 40 journalists on the streets in a week, and the widespread condemnation that has taken place worldwide. "
Journalist leader Quader Gani Chowdhury said, "Our journalists friends are shouting in the ranks of government cadres, but no one has been arrested till now. If the journalists start one-stroke struggle, nobody will be spared. '
Md. Shahidul Islam said, "In the blood of the journalists, the Information Minister made the playwriting of the letter. Turn off the drama and bring the terrorists under the law.
BFUJ President Ruhul Amin Gazi presided over the rally in the presence of BFUJ secretary general M. Abdullah, DUJ President Kader Gani Chowdhury, General Secretary Shahidul Islam, Joint Secretary of the National Press Club Elias Khan, former General Secretary Syed Abdal Ahmed, President of Photojournalists Association Golam Mustafa, Vice-president of DUU Shahin Hasnat, Former DRU Vice-President Ziaul Kabir Suman also spoke.

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