RAB DUKI urged to take children away from the road 11P51.2-H

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(33.12) RAB DUKI urged to take children away from the road

RAB's DG Benazir Ahmed has urged the parents to take away the students of the school college from the streets demanding a safe road. He said, 'We request that guardians will take their children away from the streets for the sake of safety. At the same time, I will call the teachers and assistant teachers of each school, so that their school students will not come to the streets in no way. Somebody will take them back on the streets. "He told these words at RAB headquarters on Thursday (August 2) in the afternoon.

সন্তানদের রাস্তা থেকে সরিয়ে নিতে র‌্যাব ডিজির আহ্বান.jpg

RAB DG said, "Two students were killed unfortunately leaving the bus dead. Rajiv and Dia. We do not have language to express our grief. It is not desirable for them to sacrifice their lives through such worldly activities, they must be victims of their death. I extend my sympathy to their bereaved family. I wish for the forgiveness of the souls of two innocent children. After the incident on 29th December, the accident happened for two buses in less than 24 hours. This accident happened to manage reckless travel. We arrested the four involved. The bus that we had killed Rajiv and Diya, the car owner we took the next day. We arrest five of the total. The Prime Minister gave a grant of Tk 20 lakh to every family in the affected families today. The case has been filed. DB is investigating it.
Referring to a group of students trying to drive the movement differently, Benazir Ahmed said, "After the incident students came down on the streets. We understand their mental state. Emotions can work between them when they hurt a classmate or friend. We are excited about this emotion. But it seems to be that there has been an attempt to stall full Dhaka city for the last four days. For the last two days, some opportunistic groups along with students are also gathering with them and are trying to direct innocent children in different ways.
RAB chief noted, "In the last four days, 318 buses have been vandalized including today. A sergeant of today's psychiatry has been beaten and beaten. A government office in Segunbagicha was attacked. Kafrul police station was attacked a few days ago Using a spontaneous emotion of undeveloped children, a group wants to manage the whole thing in a different way. For four days the people of Dhaka city are hostage. The transport system is inaccessible, the people can not go anywhere. This situation needs to be overcome. '
RAB DG said, "We think that the legal action needed to be taken after this incident has been taken. The accused have been arrested. The case has been filed. The donation has been given by the Prime Minister. We will call every guardian, to take care of children's safety. The absentees may not use children. In front of the RAB-1 office, a student and a few people were beaten to death. As a result, those who are in the street may not be safe. This can be the reason that the terrorists who came to the streets on this opportunity.
RAB director general Benazir Ahmed urged not to give the ears, "We are seeing some private university students come to the streets. I request them, we live in a democratic country. Believe in the rule of law. All the legal activities that were required to be taken were done. Trying to spread some false rumors in Facebook or social media. A whistleblower is doing this. We will call no one to listen to rumors. Do not go astray by rumors in any way. '

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