Lebanon is going to give legitimacy to the cultivation of cannabis for economic crisis 8P16.9-H

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(33.44) Lebanon is going to give legitimacy to the cultivation of cannabis for economic crisis

The impact of global climate change has been affecting Lebanon. The country's agriculture is in danger. Once the farmers of the Middle East, who are known as baskets, are now unable to deal with the changed climate, they have made the means to cripple economic hardship. Due to the drought-prone conditions and the relatively less water its cultivation is

possible, the country's government is thinking of legalization of cannabis considering the economic condition of the country. However, since the cultivation of Gaza is not yet valid, the farmers have to be careful about it. US Press CNN has written that although Iran-supported Hezbollah is dominant in the country, they do not say anything against marijuana cultivation. Economists also see the legality of cannabis as a way of economic prosperity.

অর্থনৈতিক দুর্দশা ঘোচাতে গাঁজা চাষের বৈধতা দিতে যাচ্ছে লেবানন.png

CNN's reporter visited the marijuana field of a person named Abu Salim. It is said that the field is equivalent to three football fields. The harvest time has not yet come. But good news for the mango farmers, the country is thinking of legalizing the use of cannabis as a treat for medical purposes. The international consulting firm McCain suggested them. Lebanese Finance Minister Raig Khouri has said that if the manganese cultivation becomes valid, the new possibilities for a huge $ 800 million industry will open up in the country. The country's economic situation will also be a little better. He told CNN, "Many experts have tested this cannabis value. They all said this manganese is the best of the world. By exporting cannabis, Lebanon can earn 40 to 80 million dollars annually. '
Lebanon's peasants said that the crops that are grown in Baca valley in the middle of Mount Lebanon and Syria, have been affected by drought. The wells are drying up there. Crops like potato and garlic are now more difficult than any other time cultivated in the area. But there is no problem in cultivating cannabis. Drought is not a problem of cultivation of cannabis. The water is very low in it. And insecticide does not matter at all. Their expectations of legalization of cannabis cultivation, hoping to give up the cultivation of cannabis is very remote to them.
The farmers of the banyan valley cultivate cannabis instead of potatoes, but the word 'potato' in the cannabis business exists! Local farmers have named potato potatoes! In front of CNN, a farmer asked Abu Salim, What is the matter of legalizing the potato? In response, Abu Salim said, "Good news!" The other farmer said, 'If they do not make it legal then we will not have any other way.'

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