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**(33.69)**** German Tech Magazine T3n trial employee Bitcoin Parall

The German technology magazine T3N has announced that it will allow employees to take salaries now in bitcoin.

The news t3n and local Bitcoin initially resulted in a partnership between PEE, which is now preparing a payment solution for Bitcoin merchants in the early US-based business.

জার্মান টেক ম্যাগাজিন T3n ট্রায়াল কর্মচারী বিটকয়েন প্যারল.jpg

T3N said it has been running a trial of the Paro service since November, with 20km worth of bitcoin with every picchain. From here, however, depending on the risk tolerance of the workers, this payment will be able to adjust.

In a blog post, the magazine said it wanted to encourage the extensive Bitcoin ecosystem and work as a trial to know more about technology:

"A motivation to implement a new form of new payment, of course, in our editorial interest in new technologies and their adaptation to users in daily life."

T3N says it was interested to run "observer role" and involved in exploring potential applications for its business

A significant value for T3N employees-added that the company is giving Bitcoin tax free as the digital currency is not considered a legal tender in Germany.

PEY's Bitcoin Parole service is currently available in the German market, although at the beginning it indicates that it is trying to roll it out to employers in more countries in the coming months.


অনেকদিন হোল দেখি পোস্ট দেন না ভাই। কারন কি?

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