German players dropped out

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(33.75) German players dropped out

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Russia was in the World Cup in Germany. Sammy Khedira was dropped on the field, but the midfielder lost in the first round of the World Cup. The coach of the 23-odd players announced by German coach Iwakhim Lauve for the September friendly match has not been included in the squad.

The Germans will definitely want to forget the World Cup in Russia. As a world champion, they started off from the group stage and started to compete. Germany is going to start a new era of football failures, Four-time world champions will play friendly matches against France and Peru in the next month. The team announced for both of those matches, coach Louv.

Leroy Sen has returned to the team who missed the World Cup but the team was ignored. Manchester City's jerseys have a great season, but Llov did not consider this winger in the World Cup squad. But after the World Cup's failure, Sen retained the squad. For the first time with the Manasi star, the national team opened its doors to defender Thilo Kerr with two midfielders Kai Hewitt and Niko Shulaj. Mesut Ozil retires in the squad.

Germany will face home champions France on 6 September in Munich. Two days later, they will face Peru.

Germany squad:

Manuel Neuer, Mark-André Tare Stageen; Jerome Boateng, Matthias Ginter, Yanus Hector, Matt Hummels, Thilo Career, Yusuya Kimim, Antonio Rudiger, Niko Shulz, Nicolas Sulo, Yonathan Toth; Eulian Brent, Eulian Ducksler, Leon Goretska, Eikey Gundogan, Kai Hovez, Tony Cross, Marco Royce, Leroy Sen, Thomas Müller, Nils Peterson, Timo Bairar.

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