Demonstrations against white supremacy in the streets of Charlotteville, USA 9P35.12-H

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(33.58) Demonstrations against white supremacy in the streets of Charlotteville, USA

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday against white supremacy. The demonstration took place last year in a year of violent gathering of extremist white voters last year. Hundreds of students and leftist activists took part in the protest.

শ্বেতাঙ্গ আধিপত্যবাদের বিরুদ্ধে যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের শার্লটসভিলের রাস্তায় বিক্ষোভ.jpg

Many protesters gave anti-police slogans. The noise was raised against the authorities of the University of Virginia.

Last year, the gathering of white supremacists took place at one stage of violence. At this time, a woman named Heather Hey was killed in the violence between the white and counter-protesting racist opponents. For the same incident, the security forces took a strict action, so that they are not repeated.

Protesters say that the police system was quite rigid in their programs compared to last year. At one stage of the program, the police took the position of riot control as the students expressed their anger. They say, there is no riot here; So why is police such a position? Later, the police blockade ended in the rally without any major violence.

Local people and businessmen also say that the police restrictions surrounding the Saturday's program were excessive.

Three people have been arrested for minor crimes during the anti-white suppression program. One of the arrested is 64 years old.

Meanwhile, the newly elected President of the University of Virginia, James Ryan, apologized for the inaction of the university on the incidents of violence around white nationalist programs last year.

Charlotteville's Saturday protest was mixed with hope, sorrow, anger and last year's memorial. Source: Reuters.


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