Barcelona will not buy Pugba 9P13.15-H

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(33.65) Barcelona will not buy Pugba

Russia has done a great time in the World Cup Paul Pogba The midfielder, who spread the light on the way to winning the World Cup, was heard buzzing for Barcelona in Spain, in Spanish media. Although the whistle blasts the Catalan club's director Ardo Bridea

পগবাকে কিনবে না বার্সেলোনা.jpg

Barcelona have taken a number of midfielders to increase midfield power due to Andres Iniesta. Arthur and Arturo Vidal, who took Philip last weekend after purchasing Qutyniyo, brought it In the meantime, the revolutions of Pagla reverberated again.

The French midfielder was brought from Juventus to Manchester United with many hopes but failed to fulfill his expectations. In the last season, José Mourinho did not have the chance to stay in XI. What is the fate, wait for it to know. However, the World Cup winning star has increased confidence in the first match of the Premier League from XI.

Russia was heard to return to Juventus again due to the performance of the World Cup. His former club was interested in returning, later added Barcelona's name. Although this time the 'Big Money' money can not be spent, the Catalan club director Bryada said that it is not possible to spend. He said to the Italian press Radio Sporinta, 'I do not think we will try for pagoba. But he is a very good player. "

That's not a good French man in Maneu, it can be assumed somewhat, in Pagber's speech, 'There are many things I can say, but there are so many things I can not say. She is fine, however.

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