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(33.25) Bangladesh will be a prosperous and prosperous state before 2041

Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu has expressed hope that Bangladesh will become a prosperous and prosperous country before 2021 and before 2041, under the wise leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The minister expressed this hope as the chief guest at a seminar titled "National liberation struggle of Bangali National Liberation: Six Point" organized by Bangladesh National Museum on the occasion of 43rd anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The ceremony was organized on Sunday (August 5th) at the National Museum's Sufia Kamal Auditorium.

২০৪১ সালের আগেই উন্নত ও সমৃদ্ধ রাষ্ট্র হবে বাংলাদেশ.jpg

Amir Hossain Amu, mentioned in the historic six-point liberation of the Bengali nation, said, "It was the basis of the independence of Bangali nation and the vitality of freedom movement. The Pakistani ruling regime did not accept it after realizing this fact. As a happy, self-reliant and independent nation, Bangabandhu declared the historic six-point anniversary of giving Bangali nation the opportunity to emerge on the earth. In the continuation of the six stages, the independent Bangladesh was born.

The Industries Minister said, "Bangabandhu could not fulfill the dreams of economic freedom of this country even though the country was independent. After independence, he was brutally murdered by his family when he was going ahead with the second revolution program.

He further said, 'Bangladesh is going forward with the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by facing all the conspiracies of anti-liberation forces. The ongoing trend of development of Bangladesh has surprised the world leaders. Presently, the world leaders are expressing their interest to know about the development philosophy and activities of Bangladesh.

Presided over by the Director General of Bangladesh National Museum Abdul Mannan Ilias, presented the keynote paper at the university's Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Harun-or-Rashid In this, General Secretary of National Volunteer League Pankaj Debnath and Daily Janakantha's Advisory Editor Towab Khan took part in the discussion. This information was given in a press release signed by the Senior Information Officer of the Ministry of Industries Abdul Jalil.

Speakers at the program said that Bangabandhu, the great leader of the history of the Bengali nation, was not a believer in Pakistan since the beginning of politics. He has done politics with the idea of ​​establishing an independent state aimed at the socio-economic, cultural and political liberation of the Bengali nation. From this political philosophy, he declared the historic six-point. Bangabandhu dreamed of forming an independent state for a thousand years, but Bangabandhu made it into reality. With the implementation of mega projects like strengthening the security of the war criminals and strengthening the social security at the grassroots level, building a deep seaport, Bangabandhu Satellite Building, Padma Sutu, and setting up of a nuclear power plant, the present government has been moving towards achieving the objective of socio-economic emancipation of Bangabandhu.


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