To send a letter to the British to attack the Muslims!

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Anonymity 'leaflet' is creature distributed, calling for attacks more or less speaking Muslims in the UK. File pictures

Anonymous 'Leaflets' are mammal sold in the UK for calling going on the subject of for Muslims to loathing. Anonymous leaflet is being circulated by calling the Prothom-alo file to belligerence the Muslims in the establish. The Prothom-alo file, who has distributed 'Leaflets' by calling for attacks in this area Muslims in Rajaraja, who and who. In an anonymous letter, it has been called a propos 3 April to celebrate the 'Muslim Punishment Day' (Punish A Muslim Day). The letters were distributed in many cities of the country.

Muslim community leaders publicize that the Muslim community is fearful of sending the letter of the worst malicious statement. The idea of sending this letter to Annamaiyare has been sent. There is no reference of the sender in the letter sent through the postscript occurring office. Each letter has an pass characterize.

Last Friday, two residents of London said that such a letter was traditional by the media in various media. Yesterday many more cities of the country usual complaints approximately getting such a letter. Police in London, Bradford, Yorkshire and Midlands admitted that they times-fortunate complaints.

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