The historical tourist dynasty of Cut Meutia traditional Aceh house

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The traditional Aceh Cut Meutia
Until now, the traditional Aceh relics Cut Meutia in the Village Mosque Pirak, District Matang Kuli, District North Aceh, still standing strong. Some of the photos of the struggle Memorial Women of the National it plastered clear in the house. Visitors was never a, especially on holiday. Even foreign tourists had visited the house.
The heritage of the hero's house is Kroeng Pade (three paddies of rice ), Jeungki (traditional rice processing tools into rice and rice processing into flour), and also the Monument or Tugu Buktu of his struggle Cut Meutia period used as a form of respect for his struggle against the Dutch.

Tourists who berkungjung here can also see the collection of images Cut Meutia struggle.
if there is leisure or leisure, try visiting the museum or historical building

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