The Benefits of Unknown Leaves of Kersen

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Who does not know cherry fruit? Although in each region the name can vary, for example I call the area "boh siri" but this tree is very easy to find in various places. Usually, besides enjoying the fruit, kersen tree is also often used as a tree to take shelter because it is a form of leaves that resemble an umbrella.

Here we will review the benefits of kersen leaf :

  1. Diabetic drugs
    Kersen leaf is known as a natural herb that can be used to overcome high blood sugar because it contains saponins and flavonoids are high enough to be able to perform secretion of hormone insulin that the body needs for sugar metabolism.

  2. Prevent tumor development
    Benefits that can be obtained from eating leaves Cherry is to prevent the tumor growth in the body because it has the content of flavonoids, tannins, and also saponin enough to do so. content that is in this leaves able to inhibit the growth of the cell malignant in the end can cause of tumors.

  3. Lowers cholesterol
    Lowering bad cholesterol can indeed be done in many ways, but using cherry leaves is the easiest way. Leaves kersen this turned out to have a content that can lower levels of cholesterol in the blood.

  4. Relieves pain
    Kersen leaf is able to cure pain in the body. This leaf has a natural content in it that is efficacious to relieve pain that attacks the body without causing any side effects in its use.

  5. Good for diet
    Kersen leaf should be tried as one of the diet menu. Because this leaf has a lot of content in which of them are able to maintain body weight to remain ideal and the body remains healthy.

  6. Anti-inflammatory
    Kersen leaf was also contained that can be anti-inflammatory or cure inflammation. This leaf can heal various inflammations that exist in the body such as sore throat or other natural inflammation.

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