Rice Harvest in Aceh is Not Maximally Due to Pests

in busy •  2 years ago 

'"Harvest this time many farmers earn less income due to pests. There is also a harvest that reaches the target, but only a few farmers, "
Various efforts have been made farmers, began to spray to prevent caterpillar pests and care regularly. But sundep pests can not be anticipate.

In addition to irrigation factors, the lack of crops is also due to rice crops lacking fertilizer type NPK Ponska. In addition, many rice plants affected by planthopper. "The subsidized fertilizer program does not benefit farmers, as many are abused. Meanwhile, farmers still have to buy nonsubsidized fertilizer in every growing season. In addition, irrigation problems are also not able to be overcome by the government. So farmers are always harmed.
Some areas of rice crops on local farmland farms are dry, the soil hardens, some rice plants turn yellow and die from no water, farmers of the area do not find a source of water close to the rice fields.
Local farmers are trying to find the nearest source of water by using machines, but constrained distance of water source location with rice fields far, so farmers only hope there will be heavy rain flushed even one day.

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