Balance print

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Ordered a print (300mm x 400mm) to see how it would look like. I think it looks great and thinking about adding it to my prints at my website shop. I'm planning to do an update not too far from now as my website got a bit neglected. Didn't have many visitors but since I joined Steemit it looks like people visiting it again so I have motivation to update it :)

Anyway I took some pictures to show you for some shameless self promotion ;)

Maybe on some pics it doesn't look white but that's because of bad lightning while taking the pics :)



Below a picture of the print in a frame on my wall. The frame I used for this picture is a standard size frame from Ikea.

If you are interested in this print let me know so I can keep you updated! You can contact me on Discord: SanderJansenArt#8822


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@sanderjansenart het is steeds leuk om te zien dat een project een nieuwe fase in gaat, mooi werk, groeten


Dank je wel @jackjohanneshemp! Ja ik vind het zelf ook leuk om digitale kunst uiteindelijk te zien als print. Altijd spannend of het overeen komt :)

I love a good black & white! This is gorgeous :D Good luck updating your website, I always neglect mine too :')


Thank you @soyrosa! :D I'm happy my black white abstract experiment did work. Now I have to see if I can sell a print of it...

Yes I sometimes build a new website instead of keeping it updated lol because it's outdated. But it's because you post the most on social media and people hardly visit. I had the goal to post all news on my site and spread it from there but didn't had a lot of views so it felt useless. Facebook became a sort of center for news and updates but I'm neglecting that too due algorithm...

It is very sleek in black and white, Sander, and that thick dark frames really makes it pop :) Nice!

Pretty abstract and quite interesting composition. I love the feeling of depth and the direction of the lines that gives me back the look at the beginning and the place where I started, and hold me into an eternal loop.