in busy •  4 months ago


Woohoo I just saw that I reached 500 followers on Steemit! And to celebrate this I made this extreme ugly drawing for you on my lazy Sunday :)

I know most of the followers are bots ghosts cyborgs zombies aliens or crab people but I really appreciate the support! :D

Thank you!

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One bot ghost cyborg zombie alien crab person coming forward here and stepping in to the light.

Woo-hoo! Way to go!

Keep up artsing... artifying... doing art! :)


Ha I knew it! Well no problem I have some cyborg and alien zombie parts attached to me.

Thank you very much and thanks for showing yourself :D

That's nice... but as you'll quickly find out, that number is pretty much meaningless. What you should focus on is how many active followers you get. The reality is that many followers will never interact with us. Either they are bots or they don't really use the platform regularly.

Now, if from those 500, 10% or more are actively engaging with you, congratulations! You're doing very well! :-D


Yeah true it's a meaningless number as I saw a lot of bots following me. But it's fun to stand still at the milestone and appreciate the few that really follow :)

I hope 10% is really following ;)


This bot is thanking you for the extreme ugly drawing. Congratulations!

Congrats on 500 followers, Sander ! Wishing you many, many, many more in the future of your Steemit blog <3 <3 <3

Congratulations on half a century! LoL "extreme ugly" I think it's amusingly cute XD