The impact and solution cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption will bring to Africa

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2016/2017 was the year for cryptocurrency and Blockchain startups around the world. Although it came with a lot of Ponzi schemes and scam projects, cryptocurrency awareness grew really fast but in a negative manner in some countries. lack of adequate knowledge led to loss of money through these schemes and fake projects.

Currently, most Ponzi schemes that came around 2016/2017 are gone. The success of those Ponzi schemes was just a proof that cryptocurrency and Blockchain knowledge was supposed to come before adoption. Most people that fell into those Ponzi traps had little or no knowledge about cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

The knowledge of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology started coming alive in 2018, most especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Even now, many Nigerians still think cryptocurrency is a currency for Ponzi schemes, the stain is still there and of course, we're always there to educate the people the best way we can.

Now the knowledge of cryptocurrency and Blockchain is gradually growing across Africa and cryptocurrency startups are springing up here and there.

There are at least 2 cryptocurrency /blockchain seminar or meet-up every week in Nigeria. This shows that the number of people coming into the crypto space for the genuine reason is increasing drastically.

Blockchain technology is about to enter into the next phase of adoption and that adoption will greatly be felt in 2019. but for now, let's see few of the ways this is going to be done around the world with some existing projects. The video below should give you an idea.

video source

Dubai is already leading in cryptocurrency adoption, other countries are catching up and some individuals in Africa are already thinking of solutions to bring Blockchain solutions to Africans. bitland and dcity are good examples.

The solution that Blockchain provides is the backup for cryptocurrency adoption and those solutions are needed to increase transparency in different sector of our economy.

2018 to me is just the startup and building phase for projects like STEEM , EOS , SUB etc. by 2019/2020, those who started now are going to see huge gains for starting early.

how to get in the flow

As far as I'm concerned, there are two ways to get on this train leading to the moon around 2019/2020:

  • buy some tokens of some of these great projects: Knowing how awesome a Blockchain project is won't do you any good If you don't have some shares of that project. If the project's value grows by 100x, only those who have the tokens of that project will benefit from that growth. Don't just be a fan, become a shareholder and a fan by buying some tokens of any great project you have DYOR.

  • program your way in: many startups will be coming into the crypto space, many projects will be porting from one Blockchain to another because of scalability issues with the existing blockchain, these startups and porting will require programmers. If you don't have money to buy your way in through shares, then use your skill to get in (get paid in crypto). Many startups will soon start searching for programmers, so start learning now.


Thank you boss, ever since your last post about EOS, I have read from several others about it, now I can confirm to you I am not planning to be a fan but an investor.

I asked a friend about it, she said it has not kick start, how true is that statement.
Or can I ask this way, let's assume I want to invest now, how do I go about it?

Just go to and buy from the ico or buy from binance

Aiit sir, thanks sir

It keeps getting bigger in the Cryptosphere amidst the FUDs.
Fainted hearted folks quit investing prior to the fall of ponzis

Crypto ain't Ponzi they will not hear

They'll hear when they see us in our lambo

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