For that reason 'mosquito' bites you a lot!

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Sitting together, but the mosquito bites itself. So the mosquitoes love you a little too much. When the people around are sitting without any discomfort, you are the only choice of mosquitoes. There are many people with whom such incidents happen all along.

Mosquito bites everyone. Despite the many warnings, mosquitoes bite a few people to a lot. Have you ever wondered why this is so! There are many theories about this. Perhaps the discovery of the old mysteries of the universe may be discovered later, researchers said. Find out what causes you to have so much favorite food near the mosquito!

The mosquito bites from malaria, dengue, and chikungunya and many other diseases. So a mosquito does not bite, always have to be careful. A group of researchers from UC Davis University of California, USA, informs that some people have more of the favorite chemicals of mosquito. So they are attracted to those people.


That means many of us mock and sometimes say that those whose blood is more sweet, they bite more mosquitoes. Actually, the matter is very similar. At least this is the demand for these US researchers.

According to Lancel Kuffer, researcher at UC Davis University, Mosquito is attracted to carbon dioxide emitted with the body's odor and breath. Someone's body odor is more favorable to mosquitoes. According to him, some chemicals extracted from our skin (for example, lactic acid) attract more to the mosquito. Mosquitoes are more attracted to those whose body lactic acid is more abundant.

We carry many bacteria in our body genetically. It is 10 times greater than our body cells. And they are so much attached to them that they can not be ransacked with a lot of disease-resistance in our body. And these bacteria produce chemicals in our bodies that are much more attracted to mosquitoes.

Depending on the type of food, mosquitoes like your blood. Looks like cheese, pickles, soya, sweet foods and vegetables, those who have lactic acid over their blood and skin. And lactic acid is much more than mosquitoes.

In addition, it has been found that O blood group group bites more mosquitoes. The US researchers claim that pregnant women, whose body is excess fat, after body exercises or after drinking alcohol bites more mosquitoes.


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