'It is our Eid gift to the people'

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The girls of Bangladesh have made history in Kuala Lumpur today. India won the Asia Cup to be defeated. This great achievement of whose leadership is successful, in the afternoon talk with Salma Khatun From the Kuala Lumpur to the mobile phone the captain of Bangladesh girls said, in what sort of shot they have killed India It's not just win the title, Salma said, this is a big turnaround between the girls of Bangladesh.

  • Big trophy in Bangladesh's cricket by holding hands of women. After such a great success, the joy of the whole team!
    Salma Khatun: Of course it is working like a different kind. Most importantly, we won a major title. It is a matter of great pleasure. In this way many people can not even think. But we did that unbelievable event. It is our Eid gift to the people!

  • After winning, you were seen crying ...
    Salma: The joy was much more at that time. Can you tell it a tears? The team has won many matches under my leadership. But such a great achievement has never happened before. Can not hold the emotion! It is, of course, the biggest achievement of our country's cricket.

India is a strong opponent. Asia Cup made their own property! Every time they are champions. You got to play the final for the first time. History-record-experience-nothing was for you. Yet how optimistic was this final?
Salma: We were very optimistic about the players. I lost them once in this tournament. One confidence in us was created. I came from the country, will play the final. That's done. In the final we had nothing to lose. Rather they had a lot to lose. They are always winning the Asia Cup. They were under much pressure, we did not have any pressure.IMG_20180610_192600.jpg

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