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It's not the strongest nor the smartest, but the ones most able to adapt.
  • some dude

As we go with the times in the single one option that's left that's an option at all we live in a state of constant flux, set plans are a bad idea, only vectors (a bit like all of reality actually)

So the thing is "write me" , hopefully a little more interaction than i get on the usual daily stuff.

It's quite simple. Almost berniesanders-simple, brutal and effective, interactive

I give a keyword, you comment

3 lines in order of preference :

  • a haiku always gets best chance

  • if it rhymes

  • if its funny

  • or just three lines on the keyword

as explained in the introduction i wont have a vote to split on comments for a while so

  • i will upvote one comment daily with 100/100, if there's two really great maybe two

  • only comments that adhere to the criteria will be eligible

so the keyword for today is


well , as i get more time to comment now, i suppose you can find my opinion @theopinion or in the comments section, the point is to save time while keeping it slightly interactive and maybe even somewhat #steemit for a change, so i can focus on @goldmanmorgan in order to start the Dreamworks : @tyrnannoght

thanks (or not) it doesnt matter much to me, but it could be a vote for you or even ... just fun trying to figure out three lines to write :)

last but not least :
Let me enlighten you :: rules exist to discipline oneself, do not force them on someone else (Kongo - Ars nova cadenza)
Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ? (me)


if there is any questions regarding the accounts : @rudyardcatling , @ubasti , @sakhmet , @maahes , @goldmanmorgan , @tyrnannoght, feel free to join https://discord.gg/TB4XDdU and ask away, i'm not always on keyboard but i check at least once day ... feel free to lurk and feel free to post any steemit links in the appropriate channel, you can ask questions by leaving a comment @rudyardcatling , i try to read all of them but i might not on the other accounts

“The universe did not invent justice. Man did. Unfortunately, man must reside in the universe.”
― Roger Zelazny, The Dream Master

*don't feed the trolls*

some stats

@ubasti / @sakhmet / @maahes is 138.8/134.4/82.8 days old and have distributed 12.202 SBD to participants
@ubasti has given 513 non-ownvotes to rafflewinners for a total of x vests worth x SBD (at current price)
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defender of the realm was in a hurry so i had to make do with my crappy phone :/

ah, the polish vest ... well, it's a gift from someone who couldnt cough up the money she owed me in another life ... served me a lot more than those 40 euros would have after more than a decade, i have no affiliations in Poland lol, im not sure how well i would fare living in an ultra-nationalist country

awaiting moderation

i have more in 24 hours in dollar value from tokens than i had in my first month of steemit , which isnt hard because that was zero if i remember correctly :)

Ho-ho , forgot to switch the sig ... heh, i wonder how long moderation takes there in flixxerland, i doubt it will be refused since i see people upping movie trailers for 20 cents lol ... who the hell's gonna pay to watch an ad ?
and compilations of goals ? which will probably bring copyhell down from somewhere, good thing media is never stored on a blockhchain ... actually they're hybrid, and they're using Ethereum smart contracts for the tokens so there's maybe not much blockchain to it, more like torrents ... not that i've seen the programming but what i do know is that if they play it right this could be big ...
shees, im gonna try to switch the bonus botvotes to goldmanmorgan and keep this feed clean , i mean with the massive audience i have here, its gotta be somewhat aesthetic, right?


drat ... i need to modify it so it passes the keyword as an argument so i cant forget ... too busy on @goldmanmorgan lets see

rain washes the pain
fourty days and fourty nights
the sins of the world

hmmm .... not sure is it syllables or words ...
the Euro-prez who presided from belgium used to like writing these, alas we are not on a first name basis and i dont have his LINE lol

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i can feel the popularity

famous new york back packs unfollow me

who the fuck do you think i am ?


someone who gives a shit or

someone who gives a shit

about YOU



im gonna create

you take it or leave it

Screenshot from 2018-09-13 20-32-55.png

its okay

i do that all the time

i just didnt delete it i altered it by adding to it you should be aware

i keep all history locally

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