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I told my son,
"I wish I could go back
whisper to spirits outside time

To tell the old me
that the new me
would arrive just fine"


I place my hand on the coveting
bark, it sends out invitations

In oxygen arks... flames spark
our tree to human conversation

I rake the treetops with my youth
the "I" that is connected

To my infancy, teen, adulthood
all time returns resurrected

I see that my rambling through the wood
was my blatant escape

I wanted to run from myself
in the wake of something I hate

I prefer small groups of people
no plentiful amount would suffice

I want to know every name nook
every creative cranny and its voice

I want to be so close to you
that I feel your timed breaths

I want to be with you as tug the sun
towards our fun and follies

I want to be with you as the moon
coats the waves with silk and honey

I want to be with you in the star gaps
and coat our ears with the night sounds


My son said,
"Even if you went back
and spirits carried your message

The old you would still
ask for a sign
something to prove you were of age"

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