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in busy •  5 months ago

I have been messing with the amaziograph app and it is such a calming process to see lines reflect in unexpected ways. After some time, I changed how I thought while drawing and intentionally approach new mandalas with a symmetric way of thinking.

It is calming because it is the least amount of effort that creates the most impact. Leaving open spaces is wonderful and I feel like my mind wanders to a good place while creating these pieces.

Amaziograph ($1)






I watermarked these with my twitter handle in case your were wondering.

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wow your graphics drawing is very beautiful boss. this is amezing, nice @rubenalexanderQmdoiTMFnMY2aJCuMoDgmLAvUAaCBEMEzsMV53Gji7Ge5k.jpeg

What a beautiful design of art. i lie your work.

They really seems beautiful and they are indeed unique as well

The app is kinda cool indeed !

This is stunning to check out so beautiful and amazing designs :)

The first 2 and the last one draw my attention, beautifull!

Wow really awesome drawing.. really like it and upvoted!!
keep it up