Goaaaaaaal !!!!!!! Go Belgium Go 🇧🇪

in busy •  5 months ago

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I don't know if I should be happy or not.
They haven't really played well for their fans... They really didn't wanted to win the match so they would be in the other pool. An easier one than the one they are now...


Anyway, we are here to support them. Now, let's take the victory !

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Awesome Belgium is playing really great game :)

Effectivement, beau but les diables rouges !


Allé les Diables ! Allléééééeuuuuh 😂 @oidac

Très beau but mais stratégiquement la Belgique ne devait pas gagner pour avoir des matchs plus à leurs portés mais bon on verra ce qu'ils valent les fameux "diables rouges" 😈 !


Ouaip on sait...... @etys :-( Maintenant on flippe, jte jure, on fliiippeeee

What a beautiful goal.
Great job @Belgium, great game.

I love your support.
We are also supporting our team but not quite as fancy as yourself.


😅😅😅 @joalvarez, our team is quiet crazy theses last years !
Very proud since we had for a long time a very bad team 😂😂😂

Yes, FIFA is like an Festival for many and everyone wants to see their favourite team to win. But for sure we don't know what will happen on the field and whatever will be the result, we have to appreciate both the teams for their intent in the game.

No matter what, this year's FIFA World Cup was really surprising because we saw many unusual results and that's the beauty of this game.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


yeah.. true... I couldn't believe that Japan was going to win against Belgium yesterday evening @chireerocks 😂😂😂


But in last second Belgium scored and they won but it was thrilling match. 🙂

C'est vraiment bien le seul moment où les belges se sentent un peu solidaires avec le gouvernement de pêtés qu'on a!!!


On ne peut que vous souhaitez un 1998 en Belgique mais sincèrement on en a aussi besoin chez nous. ☺ :-))

@roxane Are you from Belgium?


I wish your country good luck.
Am a fan of Kelvin D...
I love him and wish he will play well and win the cup

Wow of course this is expected of Belgium! Suberb merchandise


You're welcome