The 7 clues left by selfishness

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1. They do not show their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

A common and selfish motive for not giving help is the fear of showing weakness, of trying and being exposed to feeling that our action does not really help much. The person thinks that, by lending a hand to the person who needs it, they are showing weakness and inner insecurity.

They will put aside the true belief that all people have weaknesses that make us human beings necessary to learn and evolve.

2. They do not accept constructive criticism.

People in a selfish attitude hold the thought that their environment tries to belittle their work and potential. In this way, they will try at all costs not to recognize a constructive criticism, they often defend themselves with irony and it is very difficult for them to recognize that they are wrong.

3. They consider that they deserve everything.

People in a selfish attitude are characterized by being inconsistent when it comes to following their goals. We could say that they change them continuously and demand that each of their occurrences be valued and taken into account in the same way as that of the person who already has a long history.

They may come to think that success will always be on their side, just because they do, giving them the same who they have to get out of their way to get it.

4. They do not listen to those who disagree with them. Selfish people feel as enemies those who are mature and intelligent, since they are able to respect and listen to the opinions of others.

Listening and learning from other opinions is a good opportunity to expand horizons and grow. Select what you want to stay with but do not stop listening, do not ignore because you fear or turn your back on the world.

5. Criticize behind the backs of others.

People in a selfish attitude prefer easy criticism and from behind. Deep down they fear they are not right and they do it from a distance so that reality can not spoil their idea of ​​how they have drawn the world in their head.

They need to believe, for example, that all people who are poor are poor because they do not want to work and prefer to live on the street or because they do not have enough willpower and perseverance to be trained. Holding these explanations can be separated mentally from people living in precarious conditions, discarding the idea that one day a stroke of bad luck can take them to the same place.

Deep down they fear for their crystal palace ...

6. Enlarge your achievements. One of the most important and obvious shortcomings of a person in a selfish attitude has to do with the lack of humility. Humility is a precious and human virtue necessary to grow as human beings and people who are sociable with our environment. Self-centered people will only cover this personal potential, seeking to highlight and magnify their achievements.

They will be awarded more responsibility than they are entitled to when the result has been a success and they will look for the emergency exit when the project has not finished well. On the other hand, you can count on them to navigate, as long as the wind goes in favor.

7. They are afraid to take risks. Panic, terror. Linking with the previous point does not consider failure because they are never exposed to it. Of course, do not hesitate to criticize in a harsh and severe when others do not get what they want. They are the first ones that will tell you, if it was already seen coming ...

Within my own personal growth, I could witness some of the above traits and when you realize it, that you are not taking responsibility for your actions and you begin to see the light of maturity ...




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